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Hi there! I’m Arivoli Rublorees and I’m an interviewer of 1HighRollerCasino.com. Being a reader of the blog, you can’t but notice the changes the website has got recently. Yes, the site was bought by three extraordinary men Arnold aka Black, VIP Joe and US Satoshi. You could get acquainted with them reading the article about Microgaming casinos.

Anyway, here I will highlight the story behind the friendship of so different people, their first meeting and how the idea of the blog was born at all. So, if you are curious how it all happened, what is the blog about, who is a target audience and why it can be useful for you, then stay with me and read the article to the end. Yes, it’s me to reveal all the truth and facts.

Who, When and Why

Arivoli Rublorees

Let me introduce myself first. You already know my name, so it’s time for my story. I was born on February 13, 1986, in Montréal that is one of the most popular urban areas of Quebec, Canada. I grew up in a typical Canadian family. My parents worked hard to give me a good education. That’s why I’m a lucky devil to have a Graduate Diploma at the McGill University. In 2003 I entered the Business & Social Sciences course and got the diploma after 5 years of full-time education. It allowed me to get skills to work as an SMM, journalist, blogger. Later, I relocated for a job of journalist. I moved to the United Kingdom, London, where I live now. My education and experience are what helps me get the current position. When the owners of the 1HighRollerCasino.com offered me to be the interviewer and keep the blog, I was more than just happy to agree. I think it’s enough info about me, moreover, the site owners would be far more interesting for you. It’s not so easy to find any info about these guys. It’s a common thing that high rollers don’t want to share the private information, preferring to stay in the background. However, here I will tell you what I know about them and what they allow to write about them.

Incognito Owner or Who Is Arnold?

Arnold aka Black

Here I will reveal more facts about the charismatic person as Arnold aka Black. As you could already notice he is the most mysterious owner out of our trio. Yes, there are weighty reasons for him to stay incognito keeping some private data from all the gambling world. And that fact teases even more, doesn’t it? However, I would be a bad journalist if I haven’t dug some information about him. Hope, I will still have this job after publishing the article, heh. Thus, in the part of the article, you will get a chance to find out more about Arnold and get some info that nowhere else will you find. Arnold is 53 years old Aussie businessman. He is the eldest owner and, what’s more, the richest guy not only among our experts but the power players in Australia. All he tells about his business is that it relates to the Media Industry and he operates it with his son. Guess who is he?

High Roller Story

He is a true high roller literally or figuratively. Averagely, he can stake $100-$150 per spin, and the total sum in stakes can reach up to $5K per week and $20K per month. The figures are impressive, aren’t they? Anyway, the gambling activity is just a way to relax and have fun for him.

Personality, Principles and Skills

Arnold aka Black is headstrong, self-assured and smart. The family stands first for him, though he can be reckless, he always knows when to stop. Thus, he wins much more often than lose. Staking massive sums of credits, this guy thinks twice before depositing.

Herewith, he is a true expert when it comes to a reliable, trustworthy and secure place to play for big money. He sees through a brick wall and, thus, detects scams at the first visit at the casino site. Experience, knowledge in addition with strong commercial acumen makes him the best in the search for profit. Moreover, he is a really lucky devil who hit a weighty progressive jackpot in 2009.

Watch Arnold aka Black reading our interviews about the high roller casinos on 1HighRollerCasino.com blog to make sure that this guy does know how to make money and how to reduce the risks to lose big.

Who Is VIP Joe in Real Life?


Reading one of our articles like NetEntertainment online casinos with detailed interviews, you could notice that each owner is an extraordinary person with own skills, knowledge, and charisma. Who is your favorite? VIP Joe? If you hesitate, then you just know nothing about the guy. Yes. Here I’ll tell you more about a British man who is a “sly dog”, but a people person and expert of casino bonuses, loyalty programs, terms and conditions, laws, and other stuff. Let’s dig into VIP Joe together to unveil this guy and his personality. Family man, high roller, and now the owner of the blog, VIP Joe is a 42 year old managing director from the United Kingdom. He works hard to achieve the goals and he knows the worth of money. Being the most cold-minded owner, he won’t break bad and make rash acts. He prefers responsible gambling. He’s always cool head and plays only certain time and sum. Yes, this guy likes to keep the upper hand.

High Roller Story or Loyalty Ladder to Climb

Everyone has own way to the high… Society? Nope, to the high roller status. Unlike with Arnold aka Black, VIP Joe didn’t win a huge progressive jackpot and is not a casino whale from the very beginning. Joe became a real high roller by participating in the Loyalty/VIP Programs. He has already spent about $xx,xxx or more, reaching the top level for benefits, minding bankroll conditions. He proved that it’s possible to get the VIP service putting $20 or so per wager only. Though, VIP Joe warns that it still will cost you about $1,300 per week or $5K per month on average.

Personality, Principles and Skills

VIP Joe does know everything about the gambling laws, certificates, licenses, bonuses and T&Cs applied. He is strict to the illegal and underage gaming activity. So, he can tell you everything about the aspect. Besides, he is a pro when it comes to all casino bonuses from Welcome to VIP Tournaments and special rewards. Being a managing director, it’s predictable that VIP Joe likes to:

  • control everything;
  • do the research of each issue, nuance, and aspect;
  • learn the subject in detail.

So, if you are bent upon legality and reliability of the online casinos, if you want to know how to recognize scams, reasonable promo terms, and other hacks like that, then you should pay attention to VIP Joe’s answers in the interviews.

Crypto Guy US Satoshi – Who Is He?

US Satoshi

Charismatic owners of the blog are put under a microscope for you to come to know them better. Now I’m going to tell you about a young, hot-tempered, ambitious teammate who is a driver of the trio. I’m about US Satoshi as you could have already guessed. This crypto guy appeals the glances, watch and admirers. He differs from the other owners of the site a lot. Crave for details? All you wish! So, he is a 32-year-old IT company founder from the United States. The female part of the gambling world, he is single and fabulous. This guy always craves for more. “Faster, Higher, Stronger” – it’s about our crypto-guy. Having been a student, he looked for ways to become one of the movers and shakers. Thus, he started to mine Bitcoins. US Satoshi invested in BTC because of potential profit to receive. And he was right. Having used the knowledge and skills, he benefited a lot when the altcoin was at the market’s peak.

BTC High Roller Story

He began to play at crypto casinos for fun. Anyway, he investigated the gambling industry inside and out. He is a true expert on online Bitcoin gambling and everything related to it. He is the best when it comes to the selection of the casino to play with BTC, altcoins banking and withdrawals, Bitcoin bonuses and terms applied.

Now he can bet about $5 per spin if converted into the fiat. Thus, on average, the total amount of wagers can reach about $750 per week and $3K per month. He always tries fresh releases, new casinos, bonuses, learning the issue thoroughly.

Personality, Principles and Skills

He is ambitious and open to everything new, he isn’t afraid to risk, especially when it’s justified risk, heh. Though he is always interested in novelties, beating a path, US Satoshi knows the importance of trusted and reliable online casinos to choose from. He is strict to the illegal and unlawful activity both gambling and life, that’s why he is a dab hand at licenses, certificates, laws, regulations of traditional and bitcoin casinos online.

His fresh perspective elaborates the experience of Arnold aka Black and VIP Joe. Herewith, if you are fond of the crypto coins and look for the bitcoin casinos, want to get more facts about the restrictions, and gambling laws, then listen to US Satoshi’s advice and recommendations on the site avidly.

Story Behind Friendship

US Satoshi, Arnold aka Black, and VIP Joe met on September 20, 2016, on the “gambling market places in Eastern Europe, the Balkans” or easy to say on the big gambling summit CEEGC 2016. That was a really big event with lots of meetings and interesting contacts to get. Then they didn’t even guess that in 2 years they would be friends and owners of the gambling blog in parallel.

Anyway, the week of poker games, conferences, whiskey and cocktail parties showed that though the difference in the age, lifestyle and views they have one passion in common. It’s gambling as land-based so online. The summit ended, but their meetings not.

That was the very beginning. One of such meetings and casino discussing was ended with buying the blog devoted to online gambling. So, though the blog is a fun and aka an experiment for these guys, don’t think that all the info provided here is a joke or not serious.

Don’t forget that these guys know how and where to profit. They are risky, but smart. Herewith, having bought the site for $xxx,xxx, they just want to see if their experience and knowledge will increase the cost of the blog to $x,xxx,xxx adding one more zero to the price. Or how much will it cost in 3 years?

What You Get?

The site is unique by its information from not only real high rollers and pros but the insiders of the industry. Arnold aka Black, VIP Joe, and US Satoshi know the gambling inside out. They give their view from differing points and experience.

Though the posts, reviews, and articles on the site can contain some affiliate links of the services and products observed, we still reveal only the truth about the affiliates, operators, software developers. The blog is non-profit and an experiment of the owners. The partnership is a way to provide you with some exclusive bonus offers and get some insights into the industry.

Herewith, here you will get not only the comprehensive reviews and accurate data about online high roller casinos, games, software providers, platforms, formats, types. Also, you’ll get crucial facts about licenses, certificates, gambling laws in different countries (Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Europe), restrictions, privacy policy, security, etc. All that is based on knowledge and real experience.

1HighRollerCasino is an open blog. It means that anyone around the globe can read the materials provided without sharing personal information like your email, name, phone number, address. All we use is cookies, but what and why you can read the details on the page Privacy & Cookie Policy. There you also find out about your rights and privacy policy of the blog to keep in mind.

There is one more page I urge to visit as well. Though the site is free, it doesn’t mean that there are no rules to follow. That’s why you should look through the Terms and Conditions and site rules to know not only your rights, but obligations. Today it’s very important to stay on the legal side, that’s why the site works under the Responsible Gambling rules, it’s better to read it as well.

Here each article will be an interview with our heroes where they will give feedback, share their point of view on different subjects, experience, hacks, and tips. So, stay tuned and enjoy your time reading the blog.