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Each site and blog has own rules for their visitors and responsibilities as well. 1HighRollerCasino is not exception. That is a very reason to create this page. We strongly recommend you to look through the terms presented below to be aware of your rights and liabilities.

General Terms and Conditions

  • 1HighRollerCasino.com does not mean any kind of illegal activity as a result of the site content.
  • All the articles, reviews, surveys and write-ups presented on the blog include the form of fun, and not some sort of advice for legal gameplay.
  • The site is considered to be an informative service, providing the intelligence about online gambling, its legal conditions, games, and more.
  • In case there are errors in the content, we are not legally responsible for that. Each visitor of the site is liable to check on their own, whether it is legal or worthy to play a certain game, or place a wager.
  • All the data presented by us is a result of our personal experience, stated rules and the description of existing conditions. We do not provide fixed instructions and do not make you follow the directions without your willing.
  • Some points in the content and these terms can be altered at any moment. Each customer is responsible to keep track of changes.
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  • Before using the information provided by us, please, check whether the situation is similar in your country according to legal conditions, availability of formats, games, etc. The data is general and can’t be used by everyone in the equal way.
  • Casino and game reviews include the terms experienced by us personally. However, the situation can be changed by the moment of your reading. Please, check the facilities one more time on your own to be on the safe side.
  • We remind and strongly insist that only players over 18 years old are liable to join online gambling and deal with the gaming pastime in any way.
  • The site tries to offer only the most accurate, relevant and complete information about virtual gaming pastime and its components.
  • Once identifying any incorrect or false intelligence in the content of the blog, please, let us know for further improvement.

Comments Rules

  • When using the comments option, you accept that it is forbidden to post any abusive, false, illegal, offensive, adult, hateful or any other kind of materials that may disturb other player’s privacy, interests or rights. This interdiction also includes any media, such as photos, avatars, scans of documents, and any links.
  • Any inappropriate conduct of yours may lead to the closing of your account.
  • The site prohibits posting any advertising or promotional comments, writing the same message under various posts, revealing email addresses. Any kind of abuse with no evident reason won’t be accepted.
  • The option is provided by us for you to share the experience, find something useful as a result of somebody’s else trials, using the tips and information from other real money players. That is why, any bending of the rules can lead to deleting your comment.
  • As soon as there is posted a comment, it becomes a property of the site.
  • Please, mind that we do not constantly check all the posted annotations. That is why, we do not take responsibility for the content presented by the users. Each customer is responsible for their words. However, once you notice any incorrect text, please, inform us asap.
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  • You are not allowed to post any copyright material, only in case you are the owner of the text.
  • Please, take the option conscientiously. Do not form more than one profiles for leaving comments, post only accurate and real information about your experience and remember that other people may use it as a ground for their real money casino gameplay.