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The open blog 1HighRollerCasino is created to be a source of information about online gambling, virtual casinos, slot machines, and other aspects of the leisure. On this page, we explain to our visitors and customers the means of the site usage, which information of yours we require, how exactly we use the data and who can get the access to the intelligence. Please, mind that in case you continue the usage of the portal, it signifies your agreement with all the conditions.

Privacy Policy

In case you simply visit the site to read the write-ups, check the comments and keep track of news, we do not ask you to create an account, share your personal information, or become our official customer. Though, once you subscribe to our newsletters, promotional offers or if you want to post a comment under any post on the site, the situation differs.

Under such conditions, you are to form a personal page, mentioning some extra intelligence, such as your name, email address, username, and more. Please, mind that when you make such steps, you agree that we keep the data of your registration within several years. Also, in order to simplify your access to the services we review, there are links leading to various third-bodies, such as online casinos, authoritative parties, and more.

1HighRollerCasino is also entitled to show the content of such sites thru our blog to make the searching and admittance easier. Also, being a member of our site, you accept the fact that you will obtain some mobile notifications, electronic letters, and more. Once you don’t have any desire to get more announcements, you can follow the link provided in each letter and unsubscribe.

Cookie Policy

Entering the site, you agree with the enabled cookies. Whatever format you use for visiting 1HighRollerCasino, whether this is your laptop or PC, mobile phone or tablet, the browser collects some information about the current activity. Why do we do that? This is a way to get an idea of our customers’ interests, preferences and liking.

Among the collected data, there can be some points, such as IP address, browser and its version, location, utilized gadget and its operating system, etc. Right on the entry to the home page, you see a notification mentioning about the active service, and once you stay, it means you accept all the policies and rules. Clicking the icon, you can read the fullest description of the conditions and make up your mind.

The cookies themselves reply for various fields of the intelligence, with the aim to collect the data, analyze it and form a more personalized supply of needs. We examine how long you stay with this or that article, creating an idea of what you like most. We also analyze the links used in order to provide more relevant surveys in the future.

Enable/Disable Option

Nothing is done without your notification. That is why, when you enter the site, there is presented a popup page with the information about Cookies. We strongly recommend you to accept the terms and continue the usage of the blog as it is presented initially. With this option active, we can collect the necessary data, decompose it and use it for your benefit.

However, you can make another selection and deactivate the gathering of the info. At that rate, you can visit the Settings section of your browser and disable the point with one click, You can also delete all the intelligence harvested beforehand. We won’t be able to see how you navigate within the site, recognize your IP when you come back and provide a special content defined for you then.

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