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High rollers you know by nicknames Arnold aka Black, VIP Joe and US Satoshi don’t run the blog on their own. So the first person to read your message is me, interviewer, writer and content editor all in one. That’s right, Arivoli is the one to check all the messages.

So, everyone who comes up with any suggestion (like really anything) relating our website content, you’re welcome to write me. For example, you may offer the casino you want us to review and discuss next, if you have not found one on the blog. As of course I’d like to hear from our readers. So anyone who maybe just wants (I betcha you do) to ask the high rollers some questions, go ahead!

Sure thing, I want to believe that many of you will decide to get in touch with me. So I ask you to help me be efficient. I want you to fill the form below first.

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